Sabine Flury-Langer
Coach de vie, Naturopathe, Sonothérapeute

Food/Life style

Good, beautiful meals, full of flavors to enjoy with that which is good for the health.


Regardless of dietary patterns and beliefs, each individual has different dietary needs depending on their personality, constitution and metabolism.

As a naturopath, in my advice of Dietetics and Lifestyle, I listen to the needs and difficulties of each person and gently accompany them towards a balance.

We work together to find simple ways to feel better. A diet adapted to our real needs is the basis for good intestinal health, which is the basis for overall good health. The intestines play a key role in our immune system and are our second brain. The colon is one of the most sensitive organs of the body and acts as a mirror of the physical and mental health of the individual. The close connection with the moods of the body emphasise the importance of proper intestinal function and poor intestinal health is often one of the primary causes of disease.

Naturopathy is on the one hand a teaching of the laws of healthy living, and on the other, a practice of prevention using natural methods. It aims above all to preserve our inherent health capital, drawing its inspiration from different techniques: diet, dietetics, hydrotherapy, psychology, nutritherapy, phytotherapy, relaxation, reflexology, aromatherapy, osteopathy, physical and breathing exercises.

The origin of the word “naturopathy” comes from two words: “nature” and “path”, which means “the way of nature” or “the way of nature”.

Naturopathy does not replace conventional medicine but it complements it, hence its membership in “complementary medicines”.