Sabine Flury-Langer
Coach de vie, Naturopathe, Sonothérapeute

Who am I?

Listening, sharing exchanges and building relationships with others fascinates me.
I accompany and support people, to discover and rediscover together the vital force that animates us all.


Sabine Flury-Langer, naturopath, life and health coach, sonotherapy

I’m of German origin, and have been living and working as a holistic naturopath in Creuse for 30 years. My atypical career path is marked by an ever-renewed search for tools and methods to accompany my customers on their life path.

From 1986 to 1989 I studied 5 semester at the medical faculty of Munich.

I then arrived in France to live in Paris. Here I trained in Naturopathy at Cenatho College from the years 1989 to 1995. Two years of training in Ayurvedic massage at the Tapovan Center then followed.
Over the years, I have also developed my skills in craniosacral osteopathy, kinesiology and hypnotherapy, among other methods such as “Time-Therapy” with Manuel Schoch in Zurich for two years and a training programme for volunteers in end-of-life care.

From 2017 to 2018 I trained as a coach with Veit Lindau in Germany and in 2021 learned sound therapy with Walter Häfner.

I’m a qualified Heilpraktiker (German state-approved practitioner of natural medicine) since 2011.


I love what I do and I do it with all my heart. Taking the time to listen attentively is essential for me. I love this exchange with others where depth, lightness and humor come together. I also like doing this detective work to find the causes behind symptoms, to ask the right questions and to see together what can be done to achieve a better balance. It’s an individual approach, because each person is unique. For me, each encounter is fascinating because of the diversity and life of each person. I like to open up all my senses to discover the best in each person – their qualities, their resources, their vital force – and help them along with the right questions.

I believe deeply in this Life and in the infinite potential that inhabits us all.


If you find yourself in a period of upheaval and are looking for a new path… If you simply want to boost your health and increase your quality of life… If it’s important for you to balance your relationship with yourself and others… If health, nature and fulfillment are important to you…

I’ll be happy to accompany and support you with my knowledge, intuition and experience. My suggestions and methods can help you feel better about yourself, relieve stress and find relaxation. Together we’ll find perspectives that bring new balance, allow the system to relax and access self-healing powers and vitality.

OMNES, Organisation de la Médecine Naturelle et de l’Éducation Sanitaire
Fédération Française de Naturopathie
CENATHO, formation naturopathie
Tapovan, centre ayurvéda