Sabine Flury-Langer
Coach de vie, Naturopathe, Sonothérapeute

Sound therapy

Method developed by Walter Häfner in 1995.

According to this method, 9 to 13 Tibetan bowls, gongs, cymbals, Tibetan bell and monochord are played according to a very specific scheme based on the “flower of life” system (see D. Melchizedek “the flower of life”).

The sounds of the bowls combined with the other instruments create a gentle while at the same time powerful symphony that vibrates the body fluids as well as each cell. These sounds provide deep relaxation, harmonize the different levels of the being and mobilize the forces of self-healing.

With this form of sound massage the Tibetan bowls are placed on the body and next to it, depending on the human energy field. 3 bowls are laid on the body, 6 bowls on the side.

With great gentleness and depth, these sounds lead to a state of relaxation and deep peace.

The cleansing and energizing effect of this treatment can release blockages or tensions on the physical level as well as on the other planes of the being.

This treatment lasts about 40 min, with additional time available before and after for speaking as needed.