Sabine Flury-Langer
Coach de vie, Naturopathe, Sonothérapeute


“I had the pleasure of receiving a sound therapy session from Sabine in Spring 2024.At the time I was facing a difficult period with my physical health and with mental stress.The session was guided with a lot of care and intuition by Sabine. I was greatly comforted by her attentiveness and ability to guide and make space for the sounds and vibrations to probe and relax me as needed. I had the feeling of the sounds creating space and trust for my inherent well being and received many clues during the session on how to approach my health difficulties at the time, and I continue to apply these in my life day to day for good effect:

Thank you very much Sabine for your support towards helping me with finding genuine balance and good health !!!”


“Sabine provided me with the safe and loving space to allow my body and mind to surrender to the sounds and their healing potential.

I felt welcome, cared for and I was able to observe how difficult it is for me to let go even in the safe and caring environment. Using her own skills, open heart, gongs and the bowls sabine created an opportunity for my mind and body to tap into the healing process. Thank you!”

Minoée Patricie